Here is a brief description of some of the activities we do  in the Detroit metro area.  [Click on the titles for a more complete description of each-links not yet active]

Our autocross events are held in conjunction with the Detroit Council of Sports Car Clubs, and as such boasts some of the most competitive and yet some of the most relaxed events of its kind. These autocrosses are part of the Detroit Council Championship Series, culminating in year-end Class Champions. This Series is based on a "points formula" and does not require every event be attended.  See also DCSCC under the activities tab.

AROC Track Events
While we tend to call them "races", Our time trials are "non-competition" events.  They are organized and conducted such that a safe driver in a safe car will have an opportunity to explore their car's performance on a race track. While other cars are on the track at the same time, there is no racing between cars.  Car groups are created such that drivers of similar skill are combined so as not to have large disparity within the group.  For more information, click on the tab under Club Activities.