The Alfa Romeo Owners Club has been hosting many non-competition events in the Detroit metropolitan area for many years, possibly longer than anyone else, with the exception of the Sports Car Club of America.  AROC Detroit (the oldest Alfa Romeo Owners Club in America) was founded in 1950, while the SCCA was founded in 1949.  One such event we have hosted is the road race track event we refer to as Drogatto a Pista (Track Addict), a non-competition event where folks with safe cars (usually ‘sports cars’) and clear heads can drive their personal car on a racetrack during well supervised and safe sessions.  The cars are grouped in such a manner that total novices are not grouped with very experienced drivers.  Drivers must wear approved helmets and clothing, while cars must pass a safety inspection which is aimed at assuring the cars have operational brakes, lights, suspension, steering, wheels and tires.

These type of car events held on closed-circuit purpose built race tracks are non-competition events.  While there are indeed several cars on the track at the same time, there is not wheel-to-wheel racing allowed.  In fact, there are several rules in place which assure everyone has a great experience, while safely driving their car enthusiastically.  Other organizations who have held such events for nearly as long as has AROC does for their members, include both the Porsche Club and the BMW Club

Recently it seems that other organizers, including the track owners themselves have seen a value in holding similar events, often called Open Track Days (OTD), Performance Driving Experience (PDX), High Performance Driving and Track Events (HPDE), and Track Night.  The result this year is we have fewer available dates in which to offer you, the enthusiast, with a relaxing, enjoyable, and family atmosphere ‘day at the track’.

AROC Detroit holds these events primarily at two local tracks, Waterford Hills Road Racing Circuit in Clarkston and Grattan Road Racing Track in Belding, MI.

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