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Welcome to the new and improved Alfa Romeo Owner's Club of Detroit website for 2017. We hope you enjoy your visit.  AROC Detroit's members offer opportunities for car lovers of all stripes to enjoy and appreciate their cars, as well a sense of belonging to one of the oldest Alfa Romeo Clubs in America. We gather monthly at various restaurants in the greater Detroit region to visit, bench race, plan the next event, learn about the last event, and to experience Italian food, of course. 
Owning an Alfa Romeo is not a prerequisite of belonging to the club, nor that of participating in the many activities we organize; only an appreciation of the Marque, it's history, and an appreciation of "sports cars" in general.  We have members who own, not only Alfas, but Fiat and Ferrari automobiles.  We also sport the usual 'daily driver' type cars as well.
This website is aimed at providing the reader with information about the Club, it's membership, and the various activities.  It will also be a resource of information about keeping your classic Alfa running, news information about the newest Alfa Romeos.  There will be a technical section with articles written by our membership as well as links for more info on the National AROC Library.
Locally, we offer car events and gatherings like autocrosses, high performance driving "track", fun/gimmic rallys, tours, and car shows.  Check out the "Activities" tabs.